Editing server properties for resource balancing

You can balance resources based on capacity or on a specified target. For example, if you have a new server, you can redistribute server activity to accommodate the increased resource capacity. However, if you need to increase the number of transactions per server, you balance resources by redistributing activity based on achieving a new target value.

About this task

In addition, you can assign a weight to each server's capacity. For example, assume you have one server with 1.5GB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive and have a second server with 3GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive. You can enter the capacity of the first server as 1 and the second server as 2, giving it twice the weight.

If you set a capacity (or target) of zero for source-only or any-role servers, resource balancing tries to move all unpinned databases on the server. This is useful when decommissioning servers and moving their contents to new servers.

If a server's data cannot be obtained, you can treat the server as a phantom server and then change it back to a real server when data becomes available. After changing it back, press F9 to refresh and read the data from the server.

To edit server properties


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab and open the Resource Balancing view.
  2. Under Server profiles, select one:
    • Select a profile
    • Select All Servers
  3. In the Servers section, double-click the server whose properties you want to edit. In the Edit Server Properties dialog box, the server name and domain name appear by default. Complete the following fields:
    Table 1. Edit Server Properties fields




    Choose one:

    • Real -- To identify a server that physically exists in the domain.
    • Phantom -- To identify a server that does not physically exist but is factored in to the resource-balancing analysis.
    Note: The option to toggle between a real server and a phantom server is available only for real servers whose data cannot be obtained.


    Choose one:

    • Any -- Databases can be moved to or from the server.
    • Source Only -- This server will not have any databases moved to it.
    • Destination Only -- This server will not have any databases moved from it.
    Note: Phantom servers are always Destination Only.


    Select either the primary or secondary goal from the list. These are the goals set in the Server Profile Options dialog box.


    Select this option to balance resources for the selected goal, based on server capacity. Enter the number of resource units. The default is 1.


    Select this option to balance resources based on achieving a target goal. Enter a target value for the goal you selected.