Configuring a Web Site document

After you generate a key ring file for the Domino trial server, configure a Web Site document. The Web Site document is used to configure Web server connections. In the Web Site document you specify the name of the key ring file as well as other settings.

About this task

  1. From the Domino Administrator client, click Configuration > Web > Internet Sites.
  2. Click Add Internet Site, and select Web.
  3. On the Basics tab, provide the following information:
    • Descriptive name for this site A name of your choosing.
    • Organization The Domino server organization certifier name, for example Renovations.
    • Use this website to handle requests.... Keep No selected.
    • Host names or addresses mapped to this site The host name and IP address of the Docker host system, for example,, Both the host name and IP address are required if you select Redirect TCP to SSL in the Security tab (recommended).
    • Domino servers that host this site The distinguished name of the Domino server, for example, Domino/Renovations.
      trial server configuration for Web site
  4. On the Configuration tab, for Allowed Methods enable GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, and DELETE. You can allow the others, but these are the minimum required.
    trial server configuration for Web site methods
  5. (Traveler only) On the Configuration tab, for Enabled services, add TravelerAdmin
    server configuration for internet site
  6. On the Domino Web Engine tab, In the Session authentication field select Single Server.
    server configuration for internet site
  7. In the Security tab, complete the fields as shown in the following screenshot.
    Note: The common name on the server key ring specified through the Key file name field must match the Docker host name specified in the Host names or addresses to map to this site field on the Basics tab.

    server configuration for internet site
  8. Save and close the Web Site document.
  9. (Traveler only) If you plan to use Traveler, complete these steps to create a Web Site rule that overrides forms-based session authentication for Traveler:
    1. Open the Web Site document and click Web Site > Create Rule.
    2. Provide the following information:
      • Description: Any description.
      • Type of rule: Override Session Authentication.
      • Incoming URL pattern: /traveler*

      For more information on modifying the HTTP configuration for Traveler, see HTTP Configuration in the Traveler documentation.
  10. Open the Server document for the trial server in the Domino directory. On the Basics tab, ensure that Load Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents field is set to Enabled.

What to do next

Modify Web server Internet port and protocol settings.