Domino® naming requirements

Refer to these guidelines when naming parts of the HCL Domino® system.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can include alpha characters (A - Z), numbers (0 - 9), dash (-), period (.), space ( ) , and underscore (_).
Table 1. Domino® name and character requirements




Domino® domain

31 maximum

This is usually the same as the organization name.

Use a single word, which can include the following characters:

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • ampersand (&), dash (-), space ( ), or underscore (_)

You can also include international characters, but it is not recommended and they are not guaranteed to work.

The only character you must not use is the period (.).

Notes® named network

31 maximum

  • By default, the Server Setup program assigns names in the format port name network -- for example, TCP/IP network.
  • Edit Notes® named network names to use an identifier such as the location of the HCL Notes® named network and the network protocol -- for example, TCPIP-Boston.


3-64 maximum*

  • This name is typically the same as the Domino® domain name.
  • The organization name is the name of the certifier ID and is appended to all user and server names.

Organizational unit

32 maximum*

  • There can be as many as four levels of organizational units.


255 maximum

Choose a name you want to keep. If you change a server name, you must recertify the server ID. Also choose a name that meets your network's requirements for unique naming.

On TCP/IP use only the following characters

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • dash (-)

On NetBIOS, the first 15 characters must be unique. On SPX, the first 47 characters must be unique.

Keep in mind that Domino® performs replication and mail routing on servers named with numbers before it does those tasks on servers named with alphabetic characters.


255 maximum*

Use a first and last name. A middle name is allowed, but usually not needed. User names can contain an apostrophe (').

Alternate user

No minimum

Users can have only one alternate name.


255 maximum

Use a single word, which can include the following characters:

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • ampersand (&), dash (-), space ( ) , underscore (_), apostrophe ('), forward slash (/)

The at sign (@) and two forward slashes (//) are expressly prohibited.

Note: You can create groups with hierarchical distinguished names (DN). However, you must surround the forward slash (/) in a component value of a DN by surrounding it with double quotes. For example, 24"/"7 Support.


No maximum

Do not include spaces.

Country code

0 or 2