Domino® server services

Before you start the HCL Domino® Server Setup program, decide which services and tasks to set up on the server.

If you do not select the services during the setup program, you can enable later them by editing the ServerTasks setting in the NOTES.INI file or by starting the server task from the server console.

Internet services

The Domino® Server Setup program presents these selections for Internet services:

  • Web Browsers (HTTP Web services)
  • Internet Mail Clients (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP mail services)
  • Directory services (LDAP)

Advanced Domino® services

These services are necessary for the proper operation of the Domino® infrastructure, and are enabled by default when you set up a Domino® server:

  • Database Replicator
  • Mail Router
  • Agent Manager
  • Administration Process
  • Calendar Connector
  • Schedule Manager

These are optional advanced Domino® server services that you can enable:

  • DIIOP CORBA Services
  • DECS (Domino® Enterprise Connection Services)
  • Billing
  • HTTP Server
  • IMAP Server
  • ISpy
  • LDAP Server
  • POP3 Server
  • Remote Debug Server
  • SMTP Server
  • Stats
  • Statistic Collector
  • Web Retriever