Installing a single Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack (Windows)

If you want to install non-English versions of the Notes Basic client or the Notes, Designer, and Administrator clients on Windows, use the single Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack installation. The MUI pack is installed after the English version of the Notes® client has been installed.

About this task

Use these general instructions along with instructions in the MUI pack itself to run the single Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack installer to install a non-English version of Notes® on Windows. Use the single MUI pack installer to install the Notes Basic client or the combined Notes, Designer, and Administrator client.


  1. Ensure that you have installed or upgraded to the latest version (English) Notes® client.
  2. Ensure that you are logged in as an administrative user.
  3. Exit the Notes® client.
  4. Locate and start the MUI pack installer.
  5. In the Notes® Client Information dialog, verify the detected Notes® client information.
  6. In the Custom Setup dialog, select the language(s) you want to add to the Notes® client.
  7. In the User Interface Language dialog, select a user interface language, a local template, and help file language if you want to replace the original selection. Replacing existing templates and help files with selected ones is recommended if you prefer to use fully translated user interface. This dialog appears only when you have installed a Notes® single-user client.
    Note: The user interface you selected will be the default Notes® user interface language the next time you start the Notes® client.
    Note: You can change this setting in the Interface Language field on the General tab of the User Preference dialog.
  8. In the Ready to Install dialog, click Install.