Customizing Notes® installation

As an administrator, you can customize the Notes® install and upgrade process for your users to install just the features that they need. For example, you can customize the install kit using MSI tuner capabilities and you can also customize the install kit to add or remove Eclipse-based features.

Depending on your organization, you may need to provide an installation method for only a few users or for thousands of users. You may want to allow users to install or upgrade Notes® themselves or you may want to install or upgrade Notes® for your users. You may also want to customize the installation so that users only have the features they need. After you register users, and determine various policy settings for users, decide how to deploy client installations for users.

On Microsoft Windows or Citrix XenApp , you can deploy a single user install kit or a multi-user install kit. The single user install kit, also called the Allclient kit, enables you to install Notes®, Domino® Administrator, and Domino® Designer clients. The multi-user install kit, also available Mac OS platforms, does not support installation of the Domino® Designer or Domino® Administrator clients.

Note: Tuner customization is available for an MSI install kit, such as the Notes® install kit for the Windows platform. Install kit customization using the install manifest in combination with the supplied provides additional options for controlling install and upgrade.

Before you begin customizing the Notes® install kit, do the following:

  • Read the considerations for installing related topics.
  • Assign appropriate access rights to installation directories.

    To install, upgrade, and use Notes®, users must be allowed both Write and Modify permissions to the program directory, data directory, and all associated subdirectories. Assign appropriate access rights to your Notes® client users.

See the related topics for details on the various ways of customizing your Notes® install kit.