Installing Notes silently using the cascaded MUI pack (Windows)

You can install Notes silently using the cascaded Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack. The cascaded MUI pack installs the English version of Notes and translated MUI packs at one time.

About this task

The cascaded MUI installer was introduced in V12.0 and is supported for the Notes Standard client on Windows. For more information, see Using the cascaded Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack installer (Windows). Silent install of the cascaded MUI pack is supported as of V12.0.1.

Installing Notes silently using the cascaded MUI pack is similar to installing silently using the regular install kit, but with a few key differences. The cascaded MUI pack main .exe file is All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe. It contains four .exe files that correspond to the following languages:
  • English
  • Group 1 (German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
  • Group 2a (Dutch, Swedish)
  • Group 2b (Arabic, Czech, Polish, Russian)
The basic silent install command structure is this:
"All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /v"~ ~" /v"~ ~" v"~ ~" v"~ ~"
  • The first two parameters, -s -a, apply to All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe.
  • The next three parameters, -s -a /s, apply collectively to the four language .exe files.
  • The next four parameters, /v"~ ~", each correspond to one of the four language.exes and are customized for each. The order is important: the first /v"~ ~" applies to English, the second to Group 1, the third to Group 2a, and the fourth to Group 2b.
The following example command installs the English kit, the German files from the Group 1 .exe, the Dutch files from the Group2a .exe, and the Russian files from the Group2b .exe. The ADDLOCAL parameter is used to specify a language.
"All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /v"~/qb~" /v"~ADDLOCAL=German /qb~" v"~ADDLOCAL=Dutch /qb~" v"~ADDLOCAL=Russian /qb~"
Note: It's important to note the addition of the tilde (~) character to replace the double quote (") character, a difference from silent install for a regular Notes kit. Regular kits use the syntax -s -a /s /v"" while the cascaded MUI installer uses -s -a /s /v"~~".
The following example command uses the ADDLOCAL=ALL parameter to install all the languages in the MUI packs:
"All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /v"~/qb~" /v"~ADDLOCAL=ALL /qb~" v"~ADDLOCAL=ALL /qb~" v"~ADDLOCAL=ALL /qb~"
To specify a custom install path that contains a space, enclose the path in tildes (~) rather than the double quotes (") that you use when installing a regular Notes kit. The following command example shows a multi-user install where paths specified for the MULTIUSERBASEDIR and MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR parameters contain spaces and are therefore enclosed in ~:
"All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /v"~SETMULTIUSER=1 MULTIUSERBASEDIR=\~D:\Users\<user name>\~ MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR=\~C:\Test Data\~ /qb~" /v"~ADDLOCAL=German /qb~" v"~ADDLOCAL=Dutch /qb~" /v"~ADDLOCAL=Russian /qb~"

To skip installation of a language pack, use the /skip parameter in place of v"~ ~" for the language pack to skip. You must specify skip in lowercase letters.

The following example command skips the installation of the Group2a language pack:
"All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /v"~/qb~" /v"~ADDLOCAL=German /qb~" /skip v"~ADDLOCAL=Russian /qb~" 
The following example command skips the installation of English, Group1, and Group2b language packs and installs Dutch only from Group2a.
All_MUI_Notes_Client.exe" -s -a -s -a /s /skip /skip /v"~ADDLOCAL=Dutch /qb~" /skip