Setting up the Resource Reservations database

The Resource Reservations database is where users schedule and manage meeting resources. Resources may include conference rooms and equipment, such as overhead projectors and video machines. Users can select a particular resource and reserve a time for it, or they can choose a time and let the Resource Reservations database display resources available during that time.

About this task

The Resource Reservations database contains three types of documents: Site Profile, Resource, and Reservation. A Site Profile document identifies the site where particular resources are located. A Resource document defines the resource name -- for example, the name or number of the conference room. After you create Site Profile and Resource documents, the Room & Resource Manager (RnRMgr) tracks the free time of a resource the same way it tracks free time for users. To reserve a resource, a user can either create a Reservation document or add the resource to a meeting invitation.

Note: In release 7.0, the Schedule Manager is used to track free time for resources, but in releases since, it handles only users' busytime.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
  2. Complete these fields.
    Table 1. New Application dialog box fields




    Enter the name of the server on which you are creating the database.


    Enter the name of the database.

    File Name

    Enter a file name for the database. Use the file name extension nsf.

    Template server

    Choose the template server from which you will be copying the template.

    Show advanced templates

    Click this check box to display additional templates including the Resource Reservations (RESRC12.NTF) template.

    Inherit future design changes

    Click the check box if you want the database to inherit design changes that will be made to the template in the future.

  3. Select the Resource Reservations (RESRC12.NTF) template.
  4. Click OK.

What to do next

After creating the Resource Reservations database, set up the ACL for the database. Assign the CreateResource role to anyone who needs to create a site or a resource.

In addition, follow the instructions in the related topics to enable agents in the Resource Reservations database.