Creating a Connections settings document

Create a Connections Settings policy document to define a user's HCL Connections server and assigned port, and whether the user names, passwords, and activities data are to be encrypted with SSL.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have Editor access to the HCL Domino® Directory and one of these roles:
  • PolicyCreator role to create a settings document
  • PolicyModifier role to modify a settings document

About this task

Connections policy settings are not supported by HCL iNotes®.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, select the People & Groups tab, and then open the Settings view.
  2. Click Add Settings, and then choose Connections Settings.
  3. On the Basics tab, enter the name and description of the Connections settings document you are creating, and then complete the following:
    Table 1. Basics tab fields



    Connections Server URL

    Type the URL that Notes® users need to access and work with their activities on the Connections server.

    Tip: The URL is the full Web address of the Activities feature on the Connections server, including the protocol. Add a backslash (\) before each colon. For example:

    Authentication type

    Select a form to specify the type of authentication your Connections server uses:
    • J2EE Form
    • TAM (IBM® Tivioli Access Manager) Form
    • Site Minder Form
    Note: In this release TAM SPNEGO and Sun Access Manager Form are not yet supported.

    Authentication URL

    Type the URL that Notes® users need to access in order to authenticate with the Connections server.

    Note: The default port is 443; if you are running Connections on a different port, replace that value in the URL. For example: