Creating a Desktop Settings document

Use the Desktop Settings document to establish or make changes to a user's HCL Notes® desktop environment including setting up a default home page, customizing the user's Welcome page, upgrading the mail template, enabling automatic diagnostic data collection for client crashes, controlling Widgets and Live Text options, and specifying how and when Notes® client Smart Upgrade runs.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have Editor access to the Domino® Directory and one of the following roles:
  • PolicyCreator role to create a settings document
  • PolicyModifier role to modify a settings document

About this task

Domino® desktop policy options enable you to control numerous Notes® client user capabilities and options.

For information about related user preferences, see the HCL Notes® Help.

Tip: This policy document has numerous tabs; click the scroll arrows at the end of the tabs if you cannot see them all.

Perform the following tasks: