Creating a child policy document

When you create a child policy, you use a Policy document to specify which policy settings documents to include.

About this task

In explicit policies, you create a child policy by setting up the child/parent name structure. For example, the policy /Contractors might have a child policy called /Short term/Contractors.

In organization policies, child policies follow the hierarchy of the organization. So the child of */Renovations is */Sales/Renovations.


  1. Make sure that you have Editor access to the HCL Domino® Directory and one of these roles:
    • PolicyCreator role to create a policy document
    • PolicyModifier role to modify a policy document
  2. From the Domino® Administrator, click the People & Groups tab, and then open the Policies view.
  3. Select the name of the policy for whom you want to create a child policy and click Edit Policy.
  4. Under Basics, click Create Child.
  5. In the Policy Name field select one:
    • Organizational policy -- enter the name of the organizational unit. For example, if */Renovations is in the Parent policy field and you want to create a child policy for the Sales organization unit, enter Sales/Renovations. When the policy is saved, the name will be */Sales/Renovations.
    • Explicit policy -- enter a name for the child policy. For example, if the Parent policy field is /Contractors and you want to create a child named Short term, enter Short term. When the policy is saved the name will be /Short term/Contractors.
  6. Complete the remaining fields using the same procedure you used to create a policy document.