Pausing cluster replication

When you want to stop the Cluster Replicator temporarily, it is better to pause it than to stop it. When you pause the Cluster Replicator, it continues to store pending cluster replication events in memory and continues to store the Cluster Database Directory in memory.

About this task

If you stop the Cluster Replicator, these things are deleted from memory. Therefore, you should replicate manually when you restart the Cluster Replicator to replicate any changes that were lost when the Cluster Replicator stopped. You do not have to replicate manually when you pause the Cluster Replicator.

When you pause the Cluster Replicator, it finishes processing the current task and then stops taking new requests until you resume cluster replication.

From the Domino Administrator


  1. In the Server pane, expand either All Servers or Clusters.
  2. Select the server you want.
  3. Click the Server > Status tab.
  4. In the Task pane, click Server Tasks.
  5. In the Results pane, select the Cluster Replicator.
  6. In the Tools pane, expand Task, and then click Tell.
  7. Click Pause, and then click OK.

From the server console

About this task

Send the following Domino® command from the server console:

tell clrepl pause