Forcing the Cluster Replicator to retry failed replications immediately

Occasionally, cluster replication is unsuccessful. This is usually due to the destination server being unavailable. The Cluster Replicator stores unsuccessful replication events in memory and retries these replications periodically. The interval between retries starts at one hour and increases over time to a maximum of one day. You can see if any cluster replication events are waiting to be retried by looking in the server log file.

About this task

If you do not want the Cluster Replicator to wait to retry these replications, you can force it to retry the replications immediately. This is especially useful when you restart a different cluster server that was unavailable.

From the Domino Administrator


  1. In the Server pane, expand either All Servers or Clusters.
  2. Select the server you want.
  3. Click the Server > Status tab.
  4. In the Task pane, click Server Tasks.
  5. In the Results pane, select the Cluster Replicator.
  6. In the Tools pane, expand Task, and then click Tell.
  7. Click Retry all failed replications immediately, and then click OK.

From the server console

About this task

Send the following command from the server console:

tell clrepl retry