Forcing the Cluster Replicator to log immediately

If you do not want to wait for the Cluster Replicator to generate a log document, you can force the Cluster Replicator to generate a log document immediately. The Cluster Replicator logs all replication events that occurred since the last time it logged. This includes replication errors and replications that are waiting to be retried.

From the Domino Administrator


  1. In the Server pane, expand either All Servers or Clusters.
  2. Select the server you want.
  3. Click the Server > Status tab.
  4. In the Task pane, click Server Tasks.
  5. In the Results pane, select the Cluster Replicator.
  6. In the Tools pane, expand Task, and then click Tell.
  7. Select Write a Replication Event Log record immediately, and then click OK.

From the server console

About this task

Send the following command from the server console:

tell clrepl log