DAOS tier 2 storage

Domino Attachment Object Service (DAOS) tier 2 storage enables you to use an S3-compatible storage service to store older attachment objects that haven't been accessed within a specified number of days. This feature allows you to reduce the amount of data stored on Domino® servers that use DAOS. It can also improve the performance of any incremental file backups that you do for DAOS.

An S3-compatible storage service uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) API. The following S3-compatible storage services are tested and supported:
  • AWS S3
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • MinIO

The DAOSmgr task moves older attachment objects from a Domino server to a specified location in the storage service. Objects are pushed to the S3 object store opportunistically by background threads.

Note: Domino® DAOS tier 2 storage is available for Domino servers running on Windows and Linux platforms.