Improving server performance using the configuration collector

The Domino® configuration collector provides snapshots of how the Domino® server is configured. You can use that configuration information to analyze recent changes made to the server's configuration that have impacted server performance.

Domino® reads several documents during server initialization. These documents are the Server document, Server Configuration document, All Server Configuration document, and the Group Server Configuration document. Domino® also checks the views of these documents for changes every five minutes. If modifications have been made, Domino® reads and saves the modified documents. When Domino® reads a document, a filename is constructed based on the document's modification time and date and the server name. There is a default prefix assigned to each of the server and configuration documents:

  • Server document -- serverdoc
  • Configuration Settings (Specific Server) document -- configspecific
  • Configuration Settings (All Servers) document -- configall
  • Configuration Settings (Server Group) document -- configgroup

For example, if a Server document is modified on August 2, 2009, at 4:05 PM, on a server named Sales, the file name assigned to the document is serverdoc_sales_2009_08_02@16_05_20.dxl. The file is stored in the diagnostic directory, IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT located in Domino's data directory. If Domino/Data is the data directory, the path is


To view the collected information, open the individual documents in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory.