Improving the performance of the Server Health Monitor

If the Domino® Administration client workstation performs at 100 percent CPU utilization for a long period of time, the Server Health Monitor discards server statistic data to keep up with the workload.

About this task

If statistic data is discarded over an extended period of time, the Server Health Monitor assigns the rating Unknown to every server. When that happens, each health report includes the statement The Domino Administrator workstation CPU is constantly saturated. Too much server statistic data is being retrieved. This condition causes inaccurate server monitoring reports.

To reduce the amount of statistic data:

  • Increase the server polling interval in Administration Preferences.
  • Reduce the number of servers being actively monitored during a Domino® server monitor session. The servers for each monitoring profile you use are added to the total number of servers being monitored. To clear this list to the servers a specific profile only, stop the Domino® server monitor, and then restart it.
  • Dedicate one workstation to the Server Health Monitor