Directory search order for a name in a Notes® address field

When an HCL Notes® user enters a user or group name in a Notes® mail address field, the Notes® client and mail server search directories in the following order to retrieve the address for the name.

About this task

If the user enters a common name rather than a hierarchical one, the server searches all directories according to the search order specified for the directories.

If the user enters a hierarchical name, only directories assigned naming rules that correspond to the hierarchical name the user entered are searched. If there is more than one directory assigned a naming rule that matches, the directory with the most specific matching rule is searched first. For example, if a user enters the name Phyllis Spera/Sales/Renovations, the server first searches a directory with the rule /Sales/Renovations, before searching a directory with the rule */Renovations. If directories have identical naming rules that match the name entered by the user, search orders assigned to the directories determine the order in which the directories are searched.

If a name is found during any step, searches continue only if the Recipient name lookup field in the Notes® user's current Location document is set to Exhaustively check all address books.

Search order is as follows:
  1. The user's Contacts
  2. Any local condensed directory catalogs on the client
    Note: For searching to continue to a server, the Mail file location field in the active Location document must be set to On server. Type-ahead searches never continue to a server if there is a condensed directory catalog on the client.
  3. The primary Domino® Directory on the user's mail server or directory server
  4. Directories defined in the server's directory assistance database that have the options Make this domain available to: Notes clients and Internet Authentication/Authorization enabled