Planning internationalized directory services

Options are provided for internationalized directory services.

HCL Domino® and HCL Notes® provide the following features to support directory services in non-English-speaking environments.

  • Alternate names
  • Corporate hierarchies
  • LDAP Alternate Language Information documents

Alternate names

The alternate naming feature assigns a Notes® user an alternate name recognizable in the user's native language, in addition to a primary name that is internationally recognizable. Users use alternate names to use their native languages when displaying and working with names in the Domino® Directory.

Corporate hierarchies

Companies can create corporate hierarchies to customize the way the Domino® Directory categorizes user entries. For example, companies might create a corporate hierarchy that categorizes by management level. You can assign one user to a maximum of four corporate hierarchies. When Notes® users address mail or use the search tool to find people, they can choose to display the entries according to their corporate hierarchy assignments, rather than simply by name or by Notes® name hierarchy.

LDAP Alternate Language Information documents

If you use the LDAP service, optionally assign language subattributes to an attribute to define an alternate language value for the attribute.