Planning new entries in the Domino® Directory

The tools you can use to add entries to the HCL Domino® Directory are the HCL Notes® user registration program, migration tools that are integrated with the Notes® user registration program, Domino® directory synchronization tools, and third-party LDAP applications. You can also add an entry manually, for example you typically add a group entry manually. You might also develop a custom Notes® application to add entries.

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In general, an entry's distinguished name is determined by the first value listed in the FullName field. Domino® Group and Server entries are the exceptions. The ListName field controls the distinguished name of a Domino® Group and the ServerName field controls the distinguished name of a Domino® server. If you add more than one value to a FullName, ListName, or ServerName field, keep the distinguished name as the first value.

Notes® user registration program

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The Notes® user registration program, available through the Domino® Administrator and Web Administrator clients, is the traditional method for adding user entries to the Domino® Directory. The registration program registers users with hierarchical names -- names with multiple, distinguishing components -- provided by a certifier. The registration program can register users with Notes® IDs, X.509 certificates, or passwords, and can register users to use Notes® mail, an Internet mail protocol, or no mail.

Before you register Notes® users you should decide on a naming scheme for the users and create certifiers that reflect that scheme. You should also use the Policies feature with a Registration policy settings document to simplify the process of registration by filling in many of the registration settings automatically.

Directory synchronization tools

If you create a new user or group account in Active Directory, Domino® provides tools you can use to simultaneously register the user or group in the Domino® Directory.

Migration tools

The Notes® user registration program provides migration tools that convert third-party mail system users or third-party LDAP directory users to Notes® users. Be aware that if you migrate users from an LDAP directory the migration tools convert the entries from the LDAP directory into entries with new names based on a certifier specified in the Notes® user registration program.

Third-party LDAP applications

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If you use the LDAP service, you can use an LDAP application to add entries to the Domino® Directory. Because Domino® does not provide such an LDAP application, your company must develop or obtain one to add entries to the directory in this way. These are some of the issues to keep in mind if you use an LDAP application to add entries to a Domino® Directory:

  • You must set up the directory to allow LDAP write access.
  • Enabling schema checking for the LDAP service is recommended so the directory contents conform to the schema and are consistent.
  • The distinguished names of entries must be 256 characters or fewer.