Signing server certificates using the Certificate Requests database

A Domino® administrator can request a server certificate from a server-based CA in order to enable SSL on a Domino® server. The request is entered and processed in the Certificate Request database, where administrators approve or deny the request.

About this task

If you chose Automatic as the processing method used by the Certificate Requests database, you need only to complete Step 3. If you chose Manual processing, then complete the entire procedure.

To sign a server certificate request


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, open the Certificate Requests database.
  2. Transfer the certificate request to the Administration Requests database:
    1. In the Certificate Requests database, open the Pending > Submitted Requests view. If the request does not appear, press F9 to refresh the view.
    2. If the request status is Submitted to Administration Process, continue with Step 3. If the request is still Pending, highlight the request and click Submit Selected Requests.
    3. When you see the message Successfully submitted 1 request(s) to the Administration Process, click OK.
  3. Have an RA who is listed for this certifier approve the request.
    1. Open the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf), and then open the Certification Authority Requests/Certificate Requests view and find the new request.
    2. Open the request and verify the information in it.
    3. Click Edit Request, then Approve Request. Press F9 until the request changes to Issued.
  4. Transfer the certificate request out of the Administration Requests database:
    1. Close the Administration Requests database and return to the Certificate Requests database.
    2. Open the Pending > Submitted Requests view and locate the request. If necessary, refresh the view.
    3. If the certificate has not yet been issued, click Pull Selected Request(s).
  5. The certifier signs the request for a server certificate and notifies the requester to pick up the certificate.