Backing up and recovering a certifier

Back up each certifier that you create, so that you can recover if there is a problem -- for example, if error messages are generated by the certifier when you issue a lo ca or tell ca refresh command.

To back up a certifier


  1. When you create a new certifier, keep a local copy of the certifier ID file.
  2. After you create the certifier, make a copy of the ICL database and keep it in a safe place. Back up the ICL periodically to incorporate any changes you make to the certifier.
  3. Make copies of the following (if you use them) and keep in a safe place:
    • The lock ID and its corresponding password
    • The activation password
    • The server ID file

To recover a certifier


  1. From the HCL Domino® Administrator client, click Configuration.
  2. On the Tools pane, choose Certification > Modify Certifier.
  3. Select the CA server from the list, and click OK.
  4. Select the server that hosts the CA you want to modify, if necessary.
  5. Select the certifier to recover by doing one of the following:
    • Select the certifier document from the Domino® Directory.
    • Select the certifier ICL database.
  6. You may be prompted for the certifier ID and password. Enter the path and filename for the local copy of the ID that you created when you first set up the certifier, and click OK.
    Note: You are prompted for the certifier ID only if the certifier determines that it cannot proceed without it.
  7. In the Modify Certifier dialog box, confirm that the certifier information is correct. Click OK.


If the certifier is still having problems -- for example, configuration documents are corrupted or missing -- replace the ICL database with the back up copy. The location of the ICL database is specified in the certifier document.