Adding a certifier to the CA process

To manage the CA process, use Tellcommands at the server console.

About this task

You must reload the CA process each time you restart a server. You can do this through the server console command load ca. As an alternative, you can add the parameter ca to the ServerTasks= line in the server's NOTES.INI file, and the CA process will begin automatically when you start the server.


  1. If the CA process is not already running, at the server console enter:
    load ca
  2. If the CA process task is already running, it automatically adds newly-created certifiers when it refreshes, which takes place every 12 hours. However, the time period in which the Administration Requests database processes CA requests will vary. If you want to hasten the process, at the console enter:
    tell adminp process all
    tell ca refresh

    And then enter the following to see if the new certifier has been added:

    tell ca stat