iNotes® ultra-light mode

The ultra-light mode of HCL iNotes® is designed for use on a mobile device. It is also the accessible mode available on Microsoft Windows operating systems (Win32) using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later.

Ultra-light mode provides basic mail and contacts capabilities, along with a day-at-a-glance calendar. Using iNotes® ultra-light, with one touch users can view their iNotes® Inbox, Contacts, or Day-at-a-glance Calendar.

As with other modes of iNotes®, the ultra-light mode includes the Active Content Filter to reduce the risk of encountering dangerous script in HTML, and browser cache management to store only UI components, but no personal information in the cache. Ultra-light mode also supports the use of reverse proxies and iNotes® Redirect for login. You can also use security products, such as the IBM® Tivoli® Access Manager (TAM).

iNotes® ultra-light is supported on the Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch. And because it is entirely browser based, there are no additional space or memory demands on your device. iPhone users are directed to the ultra-light UI by default when using the URL to their mail file.

To view the accessible mode of iNotes® on Windows, users enter the URL address of their server in the browser using the following format, for example:

http://server.domain/mailfile path/?OpenDatabase&ui=inotes_ulite

Alternatively, you can use iNotes® Redirect, so that users do not need to know the name of their mail file and mail server, they need only know the name of the iNotes® Redirect server. Using either address, users are prompted to log in using their iNotes® user name and password, after which the Home view opens by default.

It is recommended that you use HCL Domino® HTTP Session Authentication with the iNotes® Redirect Application for authentication of ultra-light mode users. Due to limitations of the iPhone and iPod touch, it is not possible for end users to close the last running instance of the browser unless they reset the device. Because of this, basic authentication credentials cached in the bconf_lotusinotesultralightmode_c.htmlconf_lotusinotesultralightmode_c.htmlconf_lotusinotesultralightmode_c.htmlrowser cannot be cleared, which could pose a security risk.