Integrating with other applications

HCL iNotes® can be integrated with HCL Sametime® and HCL Connections.

To provide users with the ability to use HCL Sametime® you can integrate iNotes® with Sametime® (instant messaging). Sametime® provides integrated, real-time chat features for iNotes® users. Sametime® is not required for iNotes® use.

You can make file sharing easier for iNotes® users by specifying mail policy settings that save network resources and improve efficiency by integrating iNotes® with HCL Connections Files. As an alternative to sending attachments, users can insert links to files that have been uploaded to Files.

Provide iNotes® users the ability to view documents with HCL Connections Docs. You can allow users to view all supported document file types or you can specify which of the supported file types users are allowed to view with HCL Connections Docs.

Note: Be aware that, when logging into integrated applications from iNotes® (such as Sametime® or Connections Files) without using single sign-on, the login request inherits the same protocol as the parent iNotes® page. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the iNotes® browser URL always uses https, not just when logging into iNotes®, so that the login to the other application occurs using Secure Sockets Layer.