Update license tracking information in Domino® Directory

Once each day, an administration request sends to the administration process, information regarding new users and information regarding users who have not accessed the server within the last 30 days.

License Tracking must be enabled on the Basics tab of the Configuration Settings document.

Triggered by: A user authenticating with a server using the Notes® client, HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP or the LDAP. The user's full canonical name, protocol, and time and date of access are collected.

Carried out on: The administration server for the Domino® Directory.

Carried out: According to the Interval setting in the Administration Process section of the Server document.

Result: Creates a new User License document in the UserLicenses database (USERLICENSES.NSF) for each unique (new) user reported in the administration request. Documents are updated with the new time and date for those users who already have a document in the User Licenses database.