Approve person's name change request

You can approve a person's name change request using this AdminP (Administration Process) request.

Triggered by: A Notes® client user requesting a name change in the User Security panel on the Notes® client (File > Security > User Security. The Notes® user enters information pertinent to the name change, and clicks a Send button to send the request to the administrator. This approval request is posted.

Carried out on: The administration server for the Domino® Directory.

Carried out: When you approve or reject this request in the Administration Request database.

Result: If the administrator approves the request, an email with the user's new name is sent to the user. The Person document is updated. If the administrator rejects the request, a message is sent to user and the Person document is not updated.

Note: If the user has selected the Ask your approval before accepting name change on the Notes® name changes dialog box in the Notes® client interface, the user is notified of this name change and can approve or reject it. Name changes are typically rejected by users only if the user name is misspelled. If the user does reject the proposed name change, an Approve refused name change is posted in the Administration Requests database.