Modifying the Action field in the Access Control List (ACL)

The Access Control List (ACL) dialog box for Notes® (.NSF) applications contains an Administration Server field and an Action field on the Advanced panel. Use caution when modifying these fields.

You access the Access Control List dialog box by opening an application (.NSF file), and then choosing File > Application > Access Control from the menu.

Domino® Directory

By default, the Action field for the administration server for the Domino® Directory (NAMES.NSF) is set to Do not modify names fields. Do not change the Action setting for the administration server for the Domino® Directory. The purpose of this setting is to allow the Administration Process to update names (people, group, or server names) in critical areas of a database. The Administration Process automatically manages the names in the Domino® Directory. Changing the Advanced ACL setting for this database can cause the removal of names which are critical to other Domino® features, for example, mail routing and calendaring and scheduling.

Administration Requests database

The Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF) is a log database from which documents are routinely purged. If you set the Action field on the ACL dialog box to anything other than Do not modify names fields, you may cause performance problems when the Administration Process (AdminP) processes requests. This does not apply to cross-domain administration requests.

In most cases, the Action field for the user's mail database should be set to Do not modify Names fields. It is recommended that the administration server of a mail database match the value in the Home Server field in the user's Person document.

Note: The AdminP request Rename person in calendar entries and profiles in mail file extended makes it unnecessary for client users to use the Modify All Names fields setting. For more information, see the related topics.

Special cases

Developers of custom applications may need to set the Action field for the user's mail database to Modify All Names fields.
CAUTION: This powerful setting should always be used with care. If a user is deleted from the Domino Directory and this option is set, anywhere the user's name appears, the name will be removed. This includes information about who created a document. Legal restrictions can preclude the use of this option. If this option is used in mail files, the information about who sent mail can be deleted.