Overview of setting up a condensed directory catalog

The following tables describe the databases, documents, and fields you use to set up a condensed directory catalog, in the order in which you use them.

Table 1. Configuration for a condensed directory catalog




Used for an extended directory catalog too?

Directory Profile of each Domino® Directory to be aggregated in the directory catalog

Domain defined by this Domino Directory on the Basics tab

Associates groups in the directory with a domain to distinguish between different groups with the same name in more than one Domino Directory


Directory catalog Configuration document in database created from DIRCAT5.NTF

All fields

Used for directory catalog configuration


File / Database / Properties / Design in database created from DIRCAT5.NTF

Default sort order

Provides the Dircat task with the sort order of entries in the condensed directory catalog


Domino Directory Server document of Dircat server that builds the directory catalog

All fields in the Server Tasks > Directory Cataloger tab

Provides the Dircat task with the file name(s) of the local directory catalog(s) to aggregate and a schedule for running


Desktop policy settings document in Domino Directory in which clients are registered

Mobile directory catalogs field on the Databases tab

Sets up a condensed directory catalog automatically on Notes® clients