ldapsearch utility

Domino® and Notes® provide a command-line search utility, LDAPSEARCH.EXE, that you use to search entries in any LDAP directory. The ldapsearch utility connects to a directory server and returns results that match search criteria you specify. It is available on Domino server and Notes client platforms.

To use this tool, the NOTES.INI file must be included in your system's path statement.

To use ldapsearch, enter the following command from the Domino or Notes program directory:

ldapsearch parameters searchfilter attributes


  • parameters are case-sensitive command-line parameters.
  • searchfilter is a required search filter that specifies the attributes for which to search.
  • attributes are the attributes to return. Separate attributes with spaces. If you don't specify one or more attributes to return, ldapsearch returns all attributes from entries that match the search filter.

You do not have to use ldapsearch from a machine that runs the Domino LDAP service.

Note: If your client users have a condensed directory catalog that is encrypted, to run ldapsearch from the Notes program directory, you must specify the password associated with the Notes ID used to perform the encryption.