Customizing the Domino Directory template

The IBM® Domino® Directory template is supplied with the Domino server install kit and used to control aspects of the master Domino Directory, which controls client access to a variety of functionality.

When upgrading to a new release, review the technote Notes and Domino 10 upgrade guide on the HCL Support Site.

These steps provide a roadmap for customizing the Domino Directory template. Complete the following procedures:

  1. Creating a copy of the Domino Directory template (pubnames.ntf).
  2. Reviewing the rules for customizing the Domino Directory.
  3. Customizing a visible view in the Domino Directory.
  4. Using the Domino Directory to extend the schema.
    Note: Using the Domino LDAP Schema database, rather than the Domino Directory, is the recommended method for extending the schema.
  5. Applying the customization to the Domino Directory.