Customizing the Directory Profile

Use the Directory Profile to specify miscellaneous settings for the IBM® Domino® Directory.


  1. From the Domino Administrator server pane, select the server that stores the replica of the Domino Directory you want to modify. If you don't see the server pane, click the servers icon.
  2. Click the Files tab.
  3. Select the Domino Directory, and then double-click.
  4. Choose Actions > Edit Directory Profile.
  5. Complete any of these fields:
    Table 1. Directory profile fields
    Field Enter
    Domain defined by this Domino Directory The name of the Domino domain for this directory. Domino completes this field automatically as part of first server setup.
    Condensed server directory catalog for domain The file name for the condensed directory catalog set up for servers in the domain to use if they are running earlier Domino releases than 8.5.1.
    Important: Using a condensed directory catalog on a server is no longer supported. If you created condensed directory catalogs and are using them on servers running earlier releases, they will continue to operate, but are not recommended. On a current Domino server, use an extended directory catalog.

    You may also have names for individual condensed directory catalogs specified in the Directory catalog database name on this server field in the Basics section of Server documents, but only on servers running releases earlier than 8.5.1.

    Sort all new groups by default

    Choose one: as the options for newly created groups

    • Yes to display the members of a group in alphabetical order.
    • No (default) to display members of a group in the order in which you add them. If you select No, you can still override this option and alphabetize members of a specific group.
    Auto-populated group members update interval Specify in minutes how often the update thread should run to update the Members field. For example, if you specify 30, the update thread will run every thirty minutes. This field only applies if you are using auto-populated groups.
    Note: This interval applies to auto-populated groups and is read by the update process when it starts up. If you change the update interval setting, you need to initiate the update process to make the change take effect.
    Use more secure Internet Passwords Choose one:
    • If all servers in the Domino domain run release 8.0.1 or later, select Yes - Password verification compatible with release 8.0.1 or greater.
    • If all servers in the Domino domain do not run release 8.0.1 or later, select Yes - Password verification compatible with release 4.6 or greater.
    Allow the creation of Alternate Language Information documents Choose one:
    • Yes (default) to allow you to create Alternate Language Information documents that enable LDAP clients to search for user information in an alternate language.
    • No to prevent the creation of Alternate Language Information documents.
    List of administrators who are allowed to create Cross Domain Configuration documents in the Administration Process Requests database Enter the names of users who can create Cross Domain Configuration documents to allow the Administration Process to submit requests between Domino domains.
    Prevent deletion of these groups: Enter the names of groups that you want to prevent from accidental deletion in the Administrator client user interface or by AdminP. The list of protected groups defaults to LocalDomainAdmins, LocalDomainServers, and OtherDomainServers. You can remove the defaults and add other groups.
    Note: This feature prevents accidental deletion of groups by a user of the Notes® client, the Domino Administrator client, or the Domino Web Administrator client. Is it not intended to prevent programmatic deletion of groups through C/C++/Java APIs.
    Important: Whether or not you add any new protected groups, protection is initialized only when you save the customized directory profile.
  6. Click Save & Close if you have modified any fields, or if you intend to use protected groups (you must save the profile to initialize protection).