Categorizing a user by corporate hierarchy

Categorize a Person document in the IBM® Domino® Directory by corporate hierarchy. Then, when users search for the name in the corporate directory, the name shows the corporate hierarchy.


  1. From the Domino Administrator, select the server that stores the Domino Directory to modify.
  2. Click the People & Groups tab.
  3. Select People, select the user's Person document, and click Edit Person.
  4. Click the Work/Home tab.
  5. Click the Corporate Hierarchy Information tab.
  6. Optional: If you want the user's name to appear in a specific order relative to other names categorized in the same way, in the Personal ranking field, enter a number to indicate the order in which the user's name should appear. A user name given a ranking of 1 is listed before a name with a ranking of 2, and so on. Leave the Personal ranking field blank to sort the user's name alphabetically by last name among other names without a ranking.
  7. In theHierarchy 1 column, type categories in the Level fields by which to sort the user's name. Repeat this step to assign the user to up to three additional hierarchies.
  8. Click Save & Close.

    For example, to create the following two hierarchies for the user Judy Kaplan:

    • Marketing
      • Planning
        • Kaplan, Judy
    • Philadelphia
      • Kaplan, Judy

    complete the Corporate Hierarchy Information tab of her Person document as follows:

    Table 1. Defining two corporate hierarchies for a user
    Level Hierarchy 1 Hierarchy 2
    Level 0 Marketing Philadelphia
    Level 1 Planning