Replicate command

Used in a Server.Load script to replicate with server.


Replicate <server> <direction> <files> <options>


  • <server> -- Server with which to replicate
  • <direction> -- One of the following: PUSH, PULL, or BOTH (optional; default is BOTH)
  • <files> -- List of files to replicate -- for example, TESTREP1.NSF|TESTREP2.NSF (optional; default is ALL)
  • <options> -- One or more of these options. Use the split vertical bar (|) to separate options.

    UPDATE_COLL -- Update collections

    CLOSE_SESSION -- End session with server when done

    SUMMARY_ONLY -- Only replicate summary fields

    TRUNCATE -- Truncate long documents

    PRI_LOW -- Replicate low-priority databases

    PRI_MED -- Replicate medium-priority databases

    PRI_HI -- Replicate high-priority databases

    WORKSTATION -- Simulate Notes® client replication. For example, UPDATE_COLL|CLOSE_SESSION|SUMMARY_ONLY