FindByKey command

Used in a Server.Load script to enable you to search index entries by key.


FindByKey "[KeyField]#searchstring"


  • key list -- List of keys separated by semicolons. Each key is in the <item>#<value> format, where <item> is the item, name, and <value> is the value. The FindByKey "key list" argument is the Field Name of the column searched, and the value of the data as it appears in the column.
  • option list -- One or more of the following, each separated with a space:

    NO_ACCENT -- Accent insensitive

    NO_CASE -- Case insensitive

    PARTIAL -- Partial compare

    FIRST_EQUAL -- First equal entry

    LAST_EQUAL -- Last equal entry

    GREATER_THAN -- All entries greater than

    LESS_THAN --All entries less than

    UPDATE_IF_NOT_FOUND -- Update if not found


Search a view containing a column referencing the field "Status" and search for those "complete."

FindByKey "[Keyfield]#complete"

The NOTES.INI setting is Keyfield=Status. This also appears, and is set, on the Test Parameters tab.