NoteAdd command

Used in a Server.Load script to add a document with the specified [Subject], [Body], [Attachment], [MsgCount], [NamedField], and [FolderID].

Each of the arguments is optional.


NoteAdd [-sSubject] [-bBody] [-aFileAttachment] [-cMsgCount] [-nNamedField] [-fFolderID]


  • Subject -- Summary statement of the document being added.
  • Body -- Non-summary item that comprises the body of the document being added.
  • Attachment -- File name of the attachment.
  • MsgCount -- The number of messages to add.
  • NamedField -- Named field. Include, in the added document(s), the specified field (type=text) and its corresponding value (which must be enclosed by single quotes). For example, include the field MyNewField in the document(s) and assign it the value MyFieldValue as shown:

    NoteAdd ... -nMyNewField='MyFieldValue'

  • FolderID -- The NoteID of the Folder that will contain the added note.