Create an NSF-based update site and import the Eclipse updateSite content

The update site can reside on any HTTP or Domino® server that can be reached using HTTP or Notes® NRCP protocols. Importing the update site into the NSF-based update site is the recommended method for deploying features and plug-ins using widgets.

About this task

The NSF-based update site provides a central location for housing features for user deployment and provisioning. In this example, the NSF-based update site will reside on

The following task provides general guidelines for how to import an Eclipse update site into an NSF-based update site (for example updatesite.nsf). For additional information, refer to Creating and using an NSF-based update site, listed within the Related tasks later in this topic.

To import an Eclipse update site into an NSF-based update site do the following:


  1. Create the NSF-based update site:
    1. Click File > Application > New.
    2. Click Show Advanced Templates and specify the Eclipse Update Site template (updatesite.ntf) as the template.

      The NSF-based update site template (updatesite.ntf) is installed as part of the Domino® server install or upgrade.

    3. Specify a title and NSF file name (for example, updatesite.nsf) for the new application and click OK.
  2. Import the Eclipse update site into the new and open NSF-based update site:
    1. Click Features in the navigation pane and then click Import Local Update Site.
    2. As prompted, browse to the update site, select its site.xml file, and click OK.