Managing client plug-in deployment

While you can customize your client installer to add new or remove supplied features and plug-ins when you install or upgrade your clients, you can also provision (install and automatically update) stand-alone or third party features and plug-ins to your existing Notes® or Lotus® Expeditor run-time using a combination of Domino® policy or Eclipse preferences, a widget resident in a widgets catalog on an HTTP or Domino® server, and a Eclipse update site (with signed features and plugin .jar files) optionally resident in a centrally managed NSF-based update site.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Creating custom or third-party features
  • Signing custom or third-party features and plug-ins for install and update
  • Installing a new feature using the Notes® install manifest during Notes® install or upgrade
  • Deploying client plug-ins with widgets and the widget catalog
  • Creating a customized add-on installer
  • Validating your customized Notes® install kit
  • Creating and using an NSF-based update site
  • Configuring component update for composite applications