Using Notes® Auto Update

You don't have to rely on third-party products to automate deployment of new versions and updates of IBM® Notes®. Instead, you can enable Auto Update (AUT) servers to deploy Notes® updates automatically.

New Notes® install packages are uploaded and distributed to AUT-enabled Domino® servers through an AUT Catalog (autcat.nsf). Notes® clients that are enabled through Desktop Settings policy regularly poll the servers to check for new Notes® packages to download and install.

The configuration components of AUT servers are:
  • A Domino® directory group that you create for the AUT servers.
  • A server Configuration document that you create in which you specify the DNS name that Notes® clients use to connect to AUT servers for install updates. Saving this document automatically generates a Web Site document and a Web SSO configuration document for the AUT server or servers.
  • An AUT Catalog (autcat.nsf), created and replicated to AUT servers automatically. The catalog is used to upload new Notes® install packages to AUT servers and to define version upgrade paths.
  • Desktop Settings policies (Client Upgrade > AUT tab) that you create to assign users to particular Notes® versions to upgrade to.
AUT requirements are:
  • AUT servers must run least Domino® 10.0.1 and must be in the same Domino® domain.
  • AUT servers require a Domino® 10.0.1 or later version of the Domino® directory design (pubnames.ntf).
  • Round-robin DNS used for distributing client update requests to multiple AUT servers in a Domino® domain.
  • Install kits downloaded from IBM® web site (web kits) can be deployed. Install kits on CD-ROM are not supported.
  • Notes® clients to be upgraded must be in the same Domino® domain as the AUT servers.
  • Notes® 10.0.1 or later clients on Windows can be upgraded.
  • Notes® Mac and iOS platforms are not currently supported for upgrades.
  • Downgrading to prior client versions is not supported.
  • Server upgrades are not supported.