Setting up type-ahead

The type-ahead feature in IBM® iNotes® uses the names of people to whom users have recently sent email to populate a list of type-ahead names that display when a user is completing an address field that expects an email address. This feature caches, in memory, a list of names that are used most frequently, and then displays those names at the beginning of the list.

About this task

Type-ahead is on by default. Optionally, use the notes.ini file settings described in the related information to disable or to further define type-ahead.

Note: If you used the notes.ini file setting iNotes_WA_NameTypeahead or iNotes_WA_NameTypeaheadStartTimeout to set up type-ahead in previous versions of IBM® Domino®, they are ignored in current releases of iNotes®.
Note: The desktop policy setting Disable type-ahead for all names and use the Notes Basic type-ahead does not affect iNotes®.