Notes.ini file settings used when integrating iNotes® with IBM® Docs

There are several notes.ini file settings that correspond to the settings on the mail policy settings document, IBM Docs Integration section. When configuring IBM® iNotes® integration with IBM® Docs, these notes.ini file settings override the corresponding settings in the mail policy setting document. To set up iNotes® and IBM® Docs integration, use the steps in the procedure Integrating iNotes with IBM Docs.


You can use these notes.ini file settings when integrating iNotes® with IBM® Docs. The preferred way to configure iNotes® and IBM® Docs is by using the mail policy settings document, IBM Docs Integration section, but you can choose to use the notes.ini file settings instead.
Table 1. Notes.ini file settings that override mail policy settings for integrating iNotes with IBM Docs

List of notes.ini file settings that override settings mail policy settings.

Notes.ini file setting Description
iNotes_WA_DocsEnabled Default = 1. When set to 1, iNotes® integration with IBM® Docs is enabled. To disable integration, set to 0.
iNotes_WA_DOcsServer The URL that points to the server on which IBM® Docs is installed. For example,
iNotes_WA_ViewableFileTypes The supported document file types that users are allowed to view with IBM® Docs. The supported document types are xls, odt, xlsx, docx, pptx, ods, odp, pdf, and ppt.