Setting policy precedence

You can manually change a dynamic policy's precedence in the Domino® Directory or you can use the default precedence value that is set when you create a dynamic policy.

About this task

By default, when a new dynamic policy is created, the policy is assigned a precedence value higher than that of other existing policies. Policy precedence is ranked numerically from smallest to largest in order of descending precedence. That is, the policy with a precedence value of one (1) has the greatest precedence, and policies with numeric values of two (2) or greater have less precedence.

Note: Before working with policy precedence, be sure to read the related topics so that you are familiar with the significance of policy precedence.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click People and Groups > Policies > Dynamic Policies.
  2. Select the policy for which you are increasing or decreasing precedence, and then click Increase Precedence or Decrease Precedence accordingly. Repeat for any other policy precedence changes you need to make.