Assigning explicit policies using the Assign Policy tool

You can assign an explicit policy to a user or group, or you can change the explicit policy assignment using the Assign Policy tool. Use this tool when you want to make changes to multiple users or groups. You can distribute changes to the Desktop, Security, or Archive policy settings that are defined in explicit policies using this tool.

About this task

When you change the explicit policy for a user or group using this tool, you have the option of viewing the way the policy assignment change impacts the effective policy for that user or group. Policies can also be managed from the Web Administrator client.


  1. Make sure that you have at least Editor access to the Domino® Directory and the ObjectModifier role.
  2. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator, click the People & Groups tab.
  3. Do one:
    • Open the People view, select one or more users, and then from the Tools pane, click People.
    • Open the Groups view, select one or more groups, and then from the Tools pane, click Groups.
  4. Choose Assign Policy.
  5. For the field Allow replacement of an existing policy, do one:
    • Check this option to replace an existing explicit policy with a new one.
    • This option is not available if the selected user or if no users in the selected group have an explicit policy currently assigned.
  6. In the Policy field, select the explicit policy you want to assign from the list.
  7. Select the Perform updates in background option when you are assigning policies to a large number of users.
  8. Optional: Click View policy synopsis to see the new effective policy.
  9. In the Choose Organizational Policy dialog box, choose the organizational policy you want to combine with the explicit policy to create the new effective policy.
    • If you are updating one IBM® Notes® user, select the organizational policy for that person.
    • If you are updating more than one Notes® user, select the organizational policy that applies to the broadest number of users.