If...GoTo statement (LotusScript® Language)

Conditionally executes one or more statements or transfers control to a labeled statement, depending on the value of an expression.


If condition GoTo label [ Else [ statements ] ]



Any numeric expression. A value of 0 is interpreted as FALSE, and any other value is interpreted as TRUE.


The name of a label.


A series of statements, separated by colons.


An If...GoTo statement must occupy a single line of code. Line continuation with the underscore character ( _ ) is allowed.

If condition is TRUE, LotusScript® executes the GoTo statement, transferring control to the statement following the label label. If condition is FALSE, LotusScript® executes the block of statements in the Else clause. If there is no Else clause, execution continues with the next statement.

You can't use an If...GoTo statement to transfer control into or out of a procedure, and you can't use it at the module level.