Day function (LotusScript® Language)

Returns the day of the month (an integer from 1 to 31) for a date/time argument.


Day ( dateExpr )



Any of the following kinds of expression:

  • A valid date/time string of String or Variant data type.

    In a 2-digit year designation (yy) in Notes® or Domino®, LotusScript® interprets 50 through 99 as the years 1950 through 1999 and 00 through 49 as the years 2000 through 2049. For example, 88 and 1988 are equivalent year designations and 12 and 2012 are equivalent year designations.

    In a 2-digit year designation in SmartSuite®, LotusScript® interprets the years differently. For information on how each SmartSuite® product interprets 2-digit year designations, see the online Help entry entitled Year 2000. This entry appears on the Help menu of each SmartSuite® product.

  • A numeric expression whose value is a Variant of DataType 7 (Date/Time)
  • A number within the valid date range: the range -657434 (representing Jan 1, 100 AD) to 2958465 (Dec 31, 9999 AD)
  • NULL

Return value

Day returns an integer between 1 and 31.

The data type of the return value is a Variant of DataType 2 (Integer).

Day(NULL) returns NULL.