ChDrive statement (LotusScript® Language)

Sets the current drive.


ChDrive drive



A string expression representing an existing drive.


ChDrive sets the current drive to the value of drive. The current drive is the drive that LotusScript® uses whenever you specify a file name or a path that does not include a drive.

If the value of drive is the empty string (""), ChDrive does not change the current drive.

If the value of drive is a string of more than one character, ChDrive uses only the first character. ChDrive does not require a colon (:) after the drive letter.

The drive must be in the range A to lastdrive, inclusive, where lastdrive is the maximum drive letter specified in CONFIG.SYS.

To change the current directory, use ChDir.

To return the current drive, use CurDrive. To return the current directory, use CurDir.