Exploring the LotusScript Debugger

The debugger allows you to:

The debugger has the following components.

Interface element


Breakpoints tab

Displays a list of breakpoints set in the script.

Calls tab

Displays subprograms currently on the execution stack.

Note: Starting in Release 6, this tab replaces the Calls box.

Close Debugger button

Stops the script currently being debugged and terminates the debugging session.

Note: This button is new with Release 6.

Continue button

Runs the current script until an error is found.

Debug pane

Displays the script currently being debugged -- an Object box and an Event box.

Event box

Displays the event containing the script.

New Value box

Allows you to enter a new value for any variable listed on the Variables tab.

Object box

Displays the name of the object containing the script.

Output tab

Displays the output of the script.

Script pane

Displays the script currently being debugged.

Step Exit button

Exits the current subprogram.

Step Into button

Steps through a script one line at a time.

Step Over button

Executes the current statement and steps to the next statement, or steps over a subprogram called by the current statement.

Stop button

Stops all scripts that are at a breakpoint and closes the debugger.

Utilities pane

Contains the Breakpoints, Calls, Output, and Variables tabs.

Variables tab

Displays the variables in the current script.