Using the Reference tab

The Reference tab provides you with context-sensitive information for each programming language recognized in the Programmer's pane. You can view this information by clicking the Reference tab and selecting the desired topic from the Reference list.

The Reference tab allows you to:

  • See the syntax for an event, method, or property.
  • Paste information from the Reference tab into the Script area.

    Programming language

    Reference tab components

    Formula Language

    Database Fields, Formula @Commands, Formula @Functions

    Imported Java

    No Reference tab available.


    Core Java, Notes Java, Third-party Java


    Web D.O.M., Notes D.O.M.


    LotusScript Language, Domino: Classes, Domino: Constants, Domino: Subs and Functions, Domino: Variables, OLE Classes

    Simple Action(s)

    No Reference tab available.