Using the debugger utilities

The debugger utilities appear on the tabbed panels in the Utilities pane of the debugger:

  • Breakpoints tab
  • Variables tab
  • Output tab
  • Calls tab

Using the breakpoints panel

Click the Breakpoints tab or choose Debug - Breakpoints to access the breakpoints panel.

The breakpoints panel displays the breakpoints in the following format:

object: event: line

If the breakpoint is disabled, (Disabled) is appended to the display.

Using the variables panel

Click the Variables tab or choose Debug - Variables to access the variables panel.

The variables defined for the procedure appear in a three-column display, showing the name, value, and data type of each variable. To view array or type members, click the arrow to the left of the variable name.

To change the value of a variable

  1. Select the variable.
  2. Enter the value in the New Value box.
  3. Click the green check mark.

Using the output panel

Click the Output tab or choose Debug - Output to access the output panel.

The output panel displays script output, for example, the content of a Print statement. You can:

  • View the output.
  • Clear the output panel by clicking Clear All.
  • Click Copy to move selected output to the clipboard. Choose Edit - Select All to select all of the text in the output panel.

Using the calls panel

Click the Calls tab to access the calls panel. For more information on the calls panel, see the topic Selecting a subprogram.