To copy individual design elements

About this task

In addition to copying the entire design of a database, you can copy individual design elements. If there is a form, view, or other design element you would like in your database, copy it from the original database or template and paste it into your database.


  1. Open the database or template containing the design element you want to copy.
  2. From the Work pane, select the element or elements that you want to copy, such as a form or a view, and choose Edit - Copy.

    To select multiple elements, hold down the CTRL key while you are selecting the elements you want to copy.

  3. Open the database where you want to paste the element or elements.
  4. In the Applications Navigator, click the type of element you are pasting, such as forms or views, and choose Edit - Paste.


If your database inherits its design from a template, you should protect views, forms, subforms, navigators, shared fields, or agents that you copy into your database.

For another way to copy design elements, see Copying a design element to a new location.